3M Commercial Window Film

Las Vegas is a high retail market. You have a retail business with lots of windows for display and to entice shoppers.3m-commercial-films Las Vegas is also the city that never sleeps which means that when your business is closed it needs to be protected. 3M commercial window film is one of the best at protecting your windows and your assets.

Safety and Security

The main reason your business needs 3M commercial tint is for the safety and security of your stock, display items and staff. Smash and grab is a security issue that most businesses with windows face. You cannot forgo having large windows because that is how you attract your customers. The best thing to do, therefore, is to install a window film that will prevent these incidents.


Window films on a whole reduce heat within a building. However, 3M commercial window films reduce heat at a higher capacity than other brands. Unlike other types of window films, 3M films are tested against the sun at a vertical angle, that is, when the sun is hottest during the day. As such, the heat reducing factor is higher. It means that you would have to expend less for cooling costs due to the hot Nevada sun.

There is also the added benefit of glare reduction which makes working behind windows that much more comfortable.

Protection for your Business and Staff

3M window films also act as shatter proof guards for your window. In the event of an attempted vandalism, attempted forced entry, or even a bomb blast, your windows, though they might crack depending on the force, will not shatter and create even more havoc on your customers and staff within your business.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind cannot be measured. Nothing can beat leaving your business at night knowing that it is protected. With commercial window films from 3M, you can rest assured that the guarantees of the company will be met.

Why Pacific Tint for your 3M Window Film Installation

Now that you understand how 3M commercial window film will benefit your business, I am sure you are ready to have it installed. Pacific Tint is the oldest authorized 3M window tint dealer in the Las Vegas valley. We also have contractors with more than 10 years’ experience installing window tints. Our level of service and competence is highlighted by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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