3M Safety Window Film

Safety encompasses protection from random and unwanted incidents. If your home or business has a large number of windows, then they can pose safety risks. 3M has therefore developed window films that reduce or prevent injury or damage to property and life ensuring the safety of all occupants.

3M window films safety solutions result in protection in several ways.

  • Protects against breakage

The main safety feature associated with window films is its shatterproof capabilities. Glass can easily be broken. Safety films apply an additional barrier on the glass to prevent shattering. The shattering of a window can have glass splintering within the building as well as into your eyes. 3M window films reduce the possibility of the glass breaking, and if it does break then it doesn’t shatter in a manner that could be dangerous to occupants.

  • Protects your eyes

Window films reduce the glare from the sun which lessens the pressure on your eyes. This results in either a more relaxing or productive environment.

  • Protects your skin

You can work at your window desk or relax at home knowing that 3M window films prevent UV rays from entering the building. This deterring of UV rays protects your skin from harmful cancer-causing radiation from the sun. It is no surprise therefore that 3M safety window tints are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

  • Protects your furniture and furnishing

Window tints can prevent the damaging effects of UV light, visible light and heat from making lasting damage to furniture. Apart from preventing up to 99% of UV rays from entering a building through its windows, 3M safety window films can also reduce visible light and act as an insulator keeping the heat outside.

3M is the leader in safety window films

3M is a leading provider of safety window film solutions in the USA. 3M is an Energy Star Partner, a member of the International Window Film Association (IWFA) and a partner with the American Society of Interior designers. With all these accolades and partnerships, it shows that 3M is doing window film solutions right.

Installing 3M Window Films

You need a 3M authorized dealer to make sure your business is equipped with the best window film and that the installation is done properly. Pacific Tint Las Vegas window tinting has had a long relationship with 3M as an authorized 3M window film dealer and contractor.

Contact Pacific Tint today for your installation needs. We will help you to bring your windows up to required safety standards.

Close up of a broken window, shatterproof glass