3M Security Window Films

Once you have windows in your homes or businesses, security becomes an issue. The question then becomes how best to secure you, your family, workers, customers, and clients as well as assets and personal property. One option to help protect against danger and deliberate incidents is the use of 3M security window films.

  • Vandalism and Thefts

In Las Vegas, you have a 1 in 33 chance of becoming a victim of a property crime. Window film can help to lessen the chance of a property crime. Security window film is generally up to twice as thick as regular film. Once applied, it instantly strengthens the glass and makes it harder to break. This makes it more difficult for intruders to get in the home/business through the window. 3M security films provide up to a two-minute deterrence to would-be criminals attempting to break in. This prevents smash and grab thefts and therefore deters criminal activities.

  • Destructive Events

Window tints from 3M can prevent shattering in case of a major event such as a bomb blast. These window tints, whether they are clear or dark, will have the same effect in protecting life and property from any unexpected event which leads to the glass breaking.

In the home, the shatterproof nature of 3M security window films will protect against accidental breakage whether from a flying baseball, bat or another object, inside or outside the home.

Authorized 3M Window Film Dealers

To ensure proper application of 3M security window film, obtain the services of an authorized 3M dealer and contractor.

Pacific Tint is the oldest Las Vegas window tinting dealer of 3M window films. Our contractors are experienced and skilled at window tint installation and we promise you that you will be satisfied once we are done.
Add an extra layer of protection to your business or home. Secure your premises without sacrificing aesthetics and appeal. Contact Pacific Tint today to discuss the best 3M security window films to meet your needs.