Commercial Window Film

As a business owner, you encounter a myriad of issues throughout the day, and all affect your bottom-line. Commercial window tints can help you solve some of these issues while improving the bottom-line of your business.

Your business can benefit from commercial window films in the following ways:

Conserving energy

Energy costs are normally one of the biggest expenses that companies face in their daily operations. These costs can be significantly reduced with the application of commercial window tints. These films facilitate energy conservation by:

  • Trapping heat inside during the cool months to prevent loss
  • Reflecting heat during the hot periods so that cooling costs go down

Protecting the interior of your building

The sun’s rays often contribute to fading furniture, cracks and other damage in flooring. Commercial window films will prevent light and the sun’s rays from entering the building and damaging the interior. These rays include the harmful ultraviolet rays which are a leading cause of skin cancer. In addition, the reflecting of light also reduces glare which makes working in a business environment even more comfortable.

Safety and Security

Add the extra touch for safety and security with commercial window tints. From preventing smash and grab attempts to preventing shattering of glass from unexpected events, the safety and security possibilities are tremendous.


Window tinting can enhance the privacy of your business. Tinted window films can keep prying eyes out if that is what you need, or allow you to monitor who is coming. These tints can also be done in different styles to enhance the look of your building. Frosted, mirrored, textured or patterned, you can find a commercial window film to suit and enhance the design of your building.

Cost savings

Conserving energy reduces energy costs. Replacing window films instead of window panes when there are graffiti issues saves costs. Keeping your windows from shattering and hurting clients and customers saves you from liability claims. Further, there are still rebates available from the installation of commercial window films that result in energy savings.

Pacific Tint for Your Commercial Window Film Installation

We invite you to contact Pacific Tint the Las Vegas window tinting pros today for us to explain in further detail the benefits of window films for your Las Vegas business. With a proven track record in window film installation, experienced contractors, and quality workmanship, you will always be assured that you are getting the best value for your business with our services.