Pacific Tint LV – Your Trusted Experts Las Vegas Window Tinting.

Las Vegas is a world class city. And as the #1 window tinting company in the city, Pacific Tint LV can give you world class window tint installations.

Who Are We, And What Can We Do For You?

We’re a family business specializing in professional window tinting. And with over 8 years experience refining our skills in the trade – YOU can have our very own hands installing window tints for your residential or commercial property for purposes such as:

  • Safety & Security
  • Sun Protection; and
  • Window tint design

Protect Your Las Vegas Property with Our Safety & Security Window Tint

Shield Your Customers From Bomb Blasts

Explosions are associated with bombers with the intent of harm, but there are also numerous cases of accidental blasts happening every year.

Your business can be a hero by protecting your customers with our Bomb Blast Protection window film. This superior technology will hold shards of glass from harming your customers and workers.

Shield Your Property From Intruders

Our Safety Series window films are specifically designed to stop intruders in their tracks from breaking in through your residential or business windows. Because unlike normal glass that shatters, you’ll have the extra protection of a force-absorbing window film.

Host Private Meetings

Impress your clients by giving them the choice to have private meetings in offices tinted with one-way mirrors. You can also tint your outside windows to block the curious eyes of your competitors from seeing your procedures. This way you keep your competitive advantage.

Protect Against Graffiti

Numerous businesses windows get ‘tagged’ by vandals. Some call it art, but there’s nothing artistic about losing money replacing ENTIRE windows. Cut away that risk by letting our Surface Protection window tints ‘take the fall’.

Sun Protection

We love the sun. But its furniture-damaging radiation (besides risking skin cancer) also lowers employee productivity with its energy-sapping heat and eye-straining glaring which means slower business.

But you can fight back with the window tints designed for these specific problems:

3M Sun Control Window Films

With a selection of Sun Protection films you’ll get to choose one suiting YOUR specific needs. You get to select what percentage of light or heat you want coming through your window tint and by cutting out the excessive heat and distracting glaring, you’ll boost employee productivity.

3M Day Light Re-Directing Film

This 3M window film is embedded with technology that takes away the eye-straining glare on your floor by redirecting as much as 80% of that same light to your ceiling instead.

Not only that, but the microscopic technology will “re-direct” the sunlight as far as 40 feet into your room or office!