Residential Window Tinting

You may believe that the best treatments for your windows are either blinds, drapes or curtains. I am here to tell you that this is not necessarily the case. There are so many functions that a window tint makes much easier than these three other window treatments.


Drapes, curtains, and blinds can pretty much do a similar job to tinting in terms of blocking light. All three can keep the sun/light out and protect your privacy. Black out curtains, for example, are able to keep out up to 99% of the light coming in through the window. But this is where the similarities, and the benefits, end.

Where they Differ:

The differences between the three window treatments and window tinting result in a better life for you and your family. These benefits include:

  • Comfort

The right window tint can reduce the glare from the sun by up to 95%. This means that you can enjoy the comfort of your home while taking advantage of the view outside from inside your home. No need to sacrifice comfort and your great view for safety.

  • Usability

Unfortunately, drapes, blinds, and curtains can severely restrict visibility when they are closed. This can make moving about dangerous in the dark. With tints, you can allow some light in that will make moving around easier.

  • Savings

Window tints will block the sun’s rays keeping your home cool in hot periods, and when it does get cold in Nevada, it keeps the heat in. This means that window tinting will help you save on cooling and heating costs. You can also save money from not having to constantly change your furniture because they have been damaged by the heat or light.

  • Protection

Yes, residential window tinting protects you and your property. The UV rays from the sun can damage your artwork, your furniture, your skin. Whether the sun is out or not these UV rays are present and working on your house and your skin. They can be easily be protected with window tints without sacrificing the look and feel of your other window treatments if you choose any. Window tints also prevent your curtains and drapes from fading as well.

  • Privacy and Security

With tinted windows, you can choose a tint that allows you to see outside but prevents persons outside from seeing in. With the other three window treatments, of course, it will be seen when you shift them to peer outside to see who’s there. With specific types of tint, this risk is eliminated. This will greatly add to your privacy and security.

Now that you know the significant benefits of window tinting, contact the best residential window tinting company in Las Vegas – Pacific Tint.