Window Tinting Options

Window tints are scratch resistant coatings made primarily of polyesters which are applied to the interior of window surfaces. Window films come in various colors and shades and are made for different purposes. Choosing the right window tint depends on your needs. By identifying your specific requirements, a professional window tint installer can recommend the best window film solution to meet those needs.

Window Tinting

There are four types of window film which differ in quality, costs, and their effectiveness.

  • Dyed window tints block the rays of the sun with the addition of dyes to the window film. It’s the most economical but least effective. It is however very aesthetically appealing.
  • Metalized tints are tints where the polyester is combined with different types of metals to reflect heat. It is highly shatter resistant, scratch resistant, and has a shiny appearance.
  • Carbon window tints tend to have a matte finish, the color does not fade, and it blocks some UV rays.
  • Ceramic window films are the highest performing films which cut the most heat, light, and ultraviolet rays from entering a building.

Commercial versus Residential Application

The type of tint you choose depends on the intended us, whether it is for home or commercial application. One of the main differences in the type of films for each use is generally how dark or strong you need the film. Darker films tend to be used commercially.


You can find window tints of different styles, shades, and colors ranging from very clear to opaque. You can choose amongst these to complement your home or office.


Window tinting has evolved over the years. Window films are now able to:

  • Block UV rays
  • Trap heat or cooling thereby saving you money
  • Reduce glare
  • Improve your privacy
  • Prevent glass from shattering

The various features can help you to decide which window tint would be best for your needs.

DIY vs Professional Installation

They are DIY options for window tinting. But, without adequate training, you may end up wasting quality time and precious resources attempting to do it on your own. There are also window warranty issues from attempting your own tint installation.

Choosing a Window Tint

You have a variety of features which gives you plenty of options on the market and choosing among them could be challenging. Window tinting companies should be able to answer your questions and help you find the right tint for your property.

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