Windows Tinting for Commercial Buildings

Properties and buildings can reap immense benefits from the installation of high-quality commercial window tinting. Window tinting is the application of tints to glass panes. Most window tints immediately enhance the quality of the window whether practically – protective layer – or aesthetically – frosted or mirrored tints. Window tints provide immense benefits for commercial buildings which make investing in them a wise decision.


Rebates: Did you know that you could qualify for energy incentives just by installing commercial grade window tints? There are incentivized programs for the state of Nevada that offers rebates for energy efficiency in business, of which window tint is one of the options. For example, you could earn incentives of up to $0.70 per sq. ft. of window film for having had quality window film installed on your premises. This is just an added bonus to the many other benefits of commercial window films.

Energy costs: Apart from the incentive programs, you save by reducing your energy costs. Being able to keep the energy constant in a building and preventing “hot spots” lead to lowered energy bills and overall operating costs.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are always at the forefront of the mind of any business owner. Take safety and security to the forefront of your commercial buildings with commercial grade window tinting and films. There are options for tints that matches your building’s aesthetics while providing tangible benefits of keeping the building safe and secure from vandalism, broken glass, and other property issues.


Commercial window films protect people and property. Apart from the 99% rejection of UV light, commercial window films can reduce the heat from the sun by up to 85% in your building. This is indeed a plus when it comes to your business costs in this Nevada heat.

Increased Productivity

Commercial window tinting can boost employee productivity by creating a comfortable working environment. The comfort that comes with commercial window films from heating/cooling control and the reduction of glare from the sun of up to 95% makes for a more comfortable environment. And with a comfortable environment, your employees are more productive throughout their day. It will also contribute to the shopping experience of your customers or the comfortable atmosphere for your clients.

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